The Soldiers of Christ are a group of Melkite youth and young adults based from Saint Simeon’s Stylites Mekite Catholic Church. We welcome all to join and invite you to grow in your faith, attending meetings, activities and youth convention trips! Our presence can be seen not only between it’s members, but throughout the parish and the community. We volunteer heavily for our parish and also contribute to the community. For example, we spend some time at the Mission by feeding the hungry, or by raising funds for them, or even running food drives at the church and donating all the proceeds.

We also strive to grow in our faith together. We spend time with Father Gerard, asking him all our questions and seek help when we most need it. In addition, we don’t simply scratch the surface, we dive deep into spiritual and faith-based questions, making sure we stay on the right track, following Jesus Christ’s Word.

We welcome all to come and join us. Please contact the parish secretary for more information.