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MIDADE sessions occur every Saturday at 11:00am, led by our parish youth ministers, with exceptional knowledge, expertise, and experience, providing a spiritual and educational space for your children and youth. Currently, MIDADE is being held online, through the Google Meet platform. Register your child to join by contacting the parish office.

Please click here to join in the meeting every Saturday at 11:00am.

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The origins of IMAC/MIDADE dates back to 1936 when Fr Gaston Courtois instituted a movement in France, for boys and girls aged between 8 and 15. When the movement spread beyond France, an International Commission was established in 1958, and IMAC/MIDADE was officially founded in 1966. The movement was recognized by the Holy See in 1973 as an International Catholic Organization.


IMAC/MIDADE is an evangelization and grassroots education movement, working for the human and Christian growth of children in order to prepare them to undertake an apostolic commitment as youths and adults. The IMAC educational approach is based on the conviction that children are already fully persons, capable of transforming the world around them. It provides an educational pathway characterized by the “see, judge, act, celebrate” method, which helps small children to overcome difficulties, respect diversity, and act to build up the Kingdom of God.


IMAC/MIDADE caters for about 2 million children and is present in 53 countries.

Catechesis Vision

Within IMAC, we are anchoring Christian education and formation in the yearly calendar of the Church, which starts in September, with its movable and fixed feast.  This approach will point Catechesis to Scripture and Tradition. As a result, we place Christ and the Liturgy at the center of the contemplation and experience of God the Trinity.

The hope is for the children and youth to start acquiring the mind of the Church and its teachings, and in turn, they themselves become disciples and leaders.


“How can a young person live a pure life? By obeying your word. I try with all my heart to serve you. Help me obey your commands. 

I study your teachings very carefully so that I will not sin against you. LORD, you are worthy of praise! Teach me your laws.” Psalm 119:9-11