The Sacrament of Baptism is the door to a new and spiritual life that frees us from original sin, confers sanctifying grace, and makes us members in Christ and in His Church.

In the Sacrament of Confirmation, God bestows an increased presence of the Holy Spirit on us so that we may work with deep faith and with abiding charity, and that we may help to bring to the world the fruits of reconciliation and peace.

Baptisms in the Melkite tradition include the Sacrament of First Communion & Confirmation. Contrary to the Roman Catholic tradition, confirmation is often done at Baptism in the Melkite tradition.

Parents who are seeking Baptism for their child, as well as adults who wish to be baptized, are asked to book their baptism date 2 months in advance.  Baptisms are typically done on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, but can also be done during the week as well.

To arrange for a meeting with the Pastor, who will assist in the preparation for this Sacrament, please contact the Parish office.

Baptism Registration